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Celebrate Reagan’s Centennial Feb. 6th


Celebrate Reagan’s Centennial Feb. 6th


Where are the real heroes? Why can’t we see them? They’re outshined by the charlatans. They’re hidden in the shadows cast by statues erected to false idols. But they’re there, visible to all who really look for them: the larger-than-life heroes like John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, Mother Theresa and Phyllis Schlafly; as well as the everyday heroes witnessing to life at abortion mills, educating their children at home, blowing the whistle on government corruption, and performing countless other unfashionably selfless deeds in the face of scorn and abuse. No more heroes? Don’t you believe it. And don’t let such foolish “wisdom” pass unchallenged. — “Our Clay Idols & Our Unsung Heroes,” F.R. Duplantier

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