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Homosexuals Have the Right to Marry


Homosexuals Have the Right to Marry

If same-sex marriage is allegedly inevitable, why does it keep getting hammered at the ballot box? — David French

Homosexuals complain that they cannot marry because of unjust manmade law. Christians mistakenly concede the point when they agree that homosexuals cannot marry because of natural law. In point of fact, however, both sides are wrong.

Homosexuals can marry. They’ve always had the right to marry. Over the centuries many have done so, and they continue to do so today. But marriage is the union of two people of opposite sexes; thus, a homosexual who wants to marry must choose a spouse of the opposite sex in order to do so.

There are no legal prohibitions to homosexuals enjoying authentic matrimony.

Homosexuals, of course, will respond that they don’t want to marry someone of the opposite sex. The problem, then, such as it is, is not that homosexuals cannot marry but that they do not want to marry.

That, of course, is their choice, but for homosexuals to say that they cannot marry is dishonest. For Christians to agree is just plain stupid.

This is not merely a quibble or a matter of semantics. It’s a fundamental truth, and it’s time we stopped letting the other side define the terms of debate. After all, it’s a definition that’s at stake.

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