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Driving While Intelligent


Driving While Intelligent

Next time you get pulled over by a cop — or stopped at random in a “sobriety checkpoint” — you might want to remember the following laugh line: It’s called the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, which reads, in part, that “No person . . .  shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” — Eric Peters

Eric Peters is a terrific writer. Let me tell you how good. I used to read his automotive column in the Washington Times regularly — despite the fact that I have no interest whatsoever in cars. That’s how good he is!

Here’s one I summarized in my own syndicated commentary way back in 1995. It’s all about an amazing device that would allow motorists to make the air cleaner while driving! Why hasn’t this “smog-eating radiator” become a standard feature of every car made in America? It’s been 15 years, right? Could it be that our guardians in Washington don’t really want to clean the air, but only to use the specter of pollution to circumscribe our freedoms?

No, that couldn’t be it, but can you think of another explanation?

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