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Audit the National Council


Audit the National Council

National Office

58 Progress Pkwy, Maryland Heights MO/314-576-3993/rplaywin@svdpusa.org

An honest, independent audit will show the membership and the public how much money is really coming into the national office, and where it’s really going. An honest, independent investigation will reveal the radical socialist agenda of the current “leaders.”

The “investigation” referenced below was not an honest, independent one. Bear in mind that one of the “investigators” is a former national president.

The investigation of allegations of impropriety at the National office was investigated by attorneys Tom Fahl and Joe Mueller who found that the charges were unfounded.  The national office was given the full support of the Board.  The investigation has taken 2 ½ months, but now it is finished and the allegations were found to be inaccurate. (Minutes, SVdP Board of Directors Meeting, September 24, 2008)

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