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Society of St. Vincent de Paul Betrayed


Society of St. Vincent de Paul Betrayed


Three of the top lay Catholic organizations have divorced themselves from Catholic teaching by supporting the Obama health-care plan, which would foster a culture of mandatory abortion coverage, contraceptive services, and permissive sex education, euthanasia and eugenics. Catholic Charities USA, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the Catholic Health Association are joining together to push the current version of the plan through Congress. — American Life League

The  Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been captured by the socialist justice crowd, its founders and its faithful and generous members have been betrayed, and the reputation of this wonderful organization has been tarnished. Donations will surely decrease, and conferences and councils will feel compelled to withhold their solidarity dues or separate themselves entirely from the national office. The “leadership” were warned not to go in this direction, but they were too arrogant and corrupt to listen. Maybe next time the Vincentians pick a president, they’ll make sure to choose a Catholic.


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