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Atheists Haven’t Got a Prayer


Atheists Haven’t Got a Prayer

Secular humanists are committed to the use of reason and science to understand the world. We also believe it’s necessary to develop a new morality appropriate to the present needs. I believe in the use of reason to build a good life on this planet without the illusion of salvation or immortality. — Paul Kurtz, Prometheus Press

In 1987 I published a lengthy article entitled “Free to Serve,” about Paul Kurtz and his Prometheus Press, and in 1998 recycled a small portion of it as a “Behind The Headlines” commentary. I never had the opportunity to interview Kurtz, nor wanted it. What sort of man persists in espousing a philosophy that led to the murder of 200 million people  by socialist governments in the 20th Century? What wisdom can such a person possibly offer? What’s to be gained from a conversation with the devil?atheists


  1. Nino

    Well lets see..I am a believer in life after death..so when I die I will only know I am correct in that belief..atheists believe that upon death no further existence occurs..there is no thought etc..so they will only know they are wrong when they find out they still live.so I think I will remain a believer…oops dont tell the thought police….

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