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Your Weekly Politickle: ‘STHAT YOU?

  • Jun 29 / 2020
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Your Weekly Politickle: ‘STHAT YOU?

You’re a preening, illiterate fool
Who learned nothing but nonsense in school,
So you sneer and you frown
And pull monuments down,
Never knowing you’re used as a tool.

From the archive

While we’re kicking up such a big fuss
Over statues of men valorous,
Plowing history asunder,
Do we even once wonder:
Are the statues embarrassed by us?

If you’re honest and also well-bred,
You’ll pay homage to all who have bled
– Wearing blue, wearing gray –
And on this special day
Also honor Confederate dead.

Once New Orleans was drained by a ditch,
But progressives effected a switch
And the money for draining
Was then used for campaigning:
Thanks for taking down monuments, Mitch!

When the persons we honor today
Turn out to have had feet of clay,
When our heavily hyped heroes
Are exposed as mere zeroes,
What a lesson their statues convey!

Last week’s limerick

Every Christian understands
That his fate is in God’s hands,
That he needs to pray
And let the day
Unfold as God commands.

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