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Your Weekly Politickle: JIM RAT


Your Weekly Politickle: JIM RAT

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

Comey’s IQ may be higher
And that maybe makes him slyer
Than us common folk,
But he’s still a joke –
And a pathological liar.

From the archive

I had never the slightest confusion
And came easily to this conclusion,
Needing no one to show me
It was Mueller and Comey
With the Clintons engaged in collusion.

Equal justice is our paradigm
And applies to commission of crime.
That’s why Comey and Lynch
Should both feel the “pinch”
And Obama and Clinton do time.

“Don’t worry,” said Bill, “it’s a cinch.
We just need to hang tough and not flinch.
How can acts be illicit
When the boss is complicit
And our friend will come through in a pinch?”

All those Clinton years left Eric colder,
His Obama time left Eric older:
Such experience hardens,
But the selling of pardons
Has undoubtedly left Eric golder.

For approving operations injurious
And attesting to alibis spurious,
Eric merits a cell
In a hellish hotel,
Doing time with the fast and the furious.

Having failed in a decades-long try,
An appreciative communist spy
Pays a due compliment
To our own President
For destroying the FBI.

Last week’s limerick

As investigators make connections,
Dirty Democrats face rejections:
Their poll numbers will slip
As the facts drip, drip –
Right on up to the midterm elections.


  1. fathiyyah (the hat lady )

    Bob you are the BEST. compared to the rest. Yo rymes are sensational, witty and infomational hee hee I think I better keep my day job lmao. Seriously CNN Don Lemon, had 2 daughters of the late Oscar Brown Jr. on his show saying the Prez used their fathers poem THE SNAKE with out permission. Bob, that story has been used in our community since the eary 40,s that I know of, and probably sooner, . my sister who just turned 90, in perfect health , told me she remember it as a child. The sisters said he wrote it in 1963. THAT IS A LIE.they said it was about black, and people of color. THAT IS A LIE. It had nothing to do with color. It was used, whenever some one was disappointed in the behaviour of a person they had helped, ( you knew he, or she, was a snake when you picked them up// what did you expect.? my mom and the other elders used it all the time. I sure would like to refute that face to face wid lil don

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