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Your Weekly Politickle: COME(D)Y

  • Jun 12 / 2017
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Your Weekly Politickle: COME(D)Y

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

“Though a multimillionaire
And a fixer extraordinaire,
Standing six-foot-eight,
I was so afraid
Of that man with orange hair.”

From the archive

“I’d prefer not to balk or retreat
And deliver another defeat,
But Koskinen and Comey
Have gotten to know me,
And the file they’ve compiled is complete.”

Last week’s limerick

“In my cap and my gown, ill at ease,
One of millions with college degrees:
How that college has dunned me!
Please click through to GoFundMe,
Help defray my tuition and fees!”

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